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Smazz betekent blijkbaar niet alleen Smooth Jazz Volgens Urban Dictionary: TOP DEFINITION smazz To passionately eat someone’s face, usually under the influence of alcohol. Mooney: Oi Stokes, I smazzed that girl last night Stokes:...

Twiske Jazz 2014

Twiske Jazz – september 2014 Marvin and Miles,¬†featuring Sophie The heart of saturday night, featuring Sophie Miss Celie’s Blues, featuring Sophie Comes Love, featuring Sophie Cuarenta Y Tres – Twiske Jazz

SmaZZ oud

Smazz in de oude bezetting: Jan: Piano Bernt: Contrabas Frank: Drums Louis: Saxofoon(s) Milembe: Accordeon, viool en percussie Zang: Tonnie, Sophie, en Jaap